About genkigeek.com

I started genkigeek as a place to share my journey to fluency in japanese. I also wanted to create a central hub for all the most useful tools, tricks, and fun stuff I found (or created!) along the way. I hope that this site helps you in your own journey to fluency!

About the author

Ever since I was in third grade, when my Science teacher held a “World Fair” day and I saw Japan for the first time, I was hooked. I don’t remember anything else from that time really, except a sudden and profound love for the Japanese language and culture. Throughout my life I’ve dabbled in self-learning Japanese, and then around two years ago, I made the decision to really commit myself to learning Japanese to fluency. My near-term goal is a trip to Japan, where I’ll not only tour the country but spend several weeks taking language courses.

Along the way I have leveled up in software engineering and art, and so my goal is to use those skills to create helpful tools that others can use to learn. You can find those goodies (and some of my favorites from others!) in the Resources section.